TR Climate provides tailored and strategic support for each client by leveraging our global network and decades of expertise. Services encompass policy analysis, partnership-building, global and local advocacy, and communications.


Tracy Raczek

Tracy Raczek, Principal, has over 20 years informing science-based policy, innovating multi-stakeholder partnerships, and designing impactful advocacy on climate change and sustainability in close collaboration with governments, businesses, foundations, civil society, and cities.​ Experience and expertise in:

  • Advising and building partnerships to advance sustainable transportation, energy, apparel, plastics, seafood, agriculture, forestry, and land-use with dozens of corporations including Global Fortune 500 companies
  • Over 10 years in the United Nations working on international climate change policies, programmes and frameworks
  • Three years as an Advisor to United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in lead-up to the Paris Climate Agreement as part of his Climate Change Team, including coordinating the ‘Climate Action’ agenda, and Advisor to two Presidents of the UN General Assembly on policy and building partnerships related to climate change, the ocean, migration, and the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Science-based analysis, strategies and solutions for optimal impact. A deep technical background in forestry, GHG inventories, with a breadth of greening and justice initiatives
  • An artful public speaker and facilitator. Trained in mediation. Joyful and collaborative. A long-time meditation practitioner.

Past keynotes & panels:

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Cheryl Mack has over 25 years of experience as a Special Events Project Manager providing concept development, conference and event planning, strategic marketing, and mobilization of key stakeholders across public and private sectors. Experience and expertise in:

  • Galvanizing coalitions and event partners, including global campaigns in conjunction with an organization’s key stakeholders (internal and external); supporting participation of senior international government officials and corporate executives
  • Brokering partnerships to advance climate change policy, unlock finance, and help achieve universal access to sustainable energy such as for SEforALL Forum and with The Climate Group as the former Project Manager of Climate Week NYC and three the Under2 Coalition’s General Assemblies in Paris, San Francisco and Madrid
  • Television Producer developing programming for the BEYA Stem Conference (Black Engineer of the Year Awards), Black Entertainment Television (BET), Comcast TV, ESPN and HBO

Mark Major has over 20 years’ supporting sustainable transport and logistics policy and strategy across the globe. Experience and expertise in:

  • Global climate change and sustainable development policies and frameworks and their impacts on transport and logistics
  • Transport policy and strategic advice (passengers and freight) in China, European Union, Latin America and Africa. Advisor to prime ministers, ministers, CEOs, governors and mayors
  • International transport policy and legislative negotiations (e.g. EU, UNFCCC, UNCSD, International Maritime Organization, UNECE)
  • Regular contributor and facilitator to sustainable transport events and dialogues
  • Works in English, French and Spanish

Dr. Susan Bazilli is a Canadian feminist lawyer, researcher, and educator who has worked globally on women’s human rights advocacy and access to justice for over 30 years. Experience and expertise in:

  • Director of the International Women’s Rights Project (IWRP) with its mission to support, capacity building, training in strategic partnerships with women’s NGOs around the world on women’s rights issues related to water, climate change, biodiversity and the environment
  • Ensuring that women’s voices and decision-making are included in Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nation projects



International and national climate change policy frameworks and legislation; energy and transport; forestry, biodiversity, and natural sciences; corporate responsibility; climate security; gender dimensions; climate and environmental justice.